Finance & Budget

The City of Cedar Key Board of Commissioners appoints a professionally trained and experienced individual as its City Clerk. It is the responsibility of the City Clerk to handle the day-to-day operation of the city business and provide oversight and management of the financial-related activities of the City. This includes managing the budget, purchasing, contracts, payroll, utility billing and collection, accounting, and financial reporting. The City Clerk collects and provides financial information to the City’s elected and appointed officials. In turn, it is the Board of Commissioners that collaborate with the City Clerk to finalize the annual budget. The City Clerk maintains reasonable internal controls to safeguard the City’s assets and to ensure the timely and accurate recording of transactions in accordance with generally accepted government accounting standards and applicable laws or regulations.  It is the mission of the City’s Clerk to provide sound financial management, assistance, and dependable advice to the City’s decision-making process with the best interest of the citizens and its taxpayers in mind.

City Clerk
Public Records Custodian
P.O. Box 339
809 6th Street
Cedar Key, FL 32625
Phone: (352) 543-5132

Resolution 473 Final Budget Fiscal Year 2023-2024

Resolution 2023-01 CRA Final Budget Fiscal Year 2023-2024